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The Good Morning Program is a daily safety check-in program for the senior residents in our community.  This program is perfect for those who live alone. It's all about interaction, communication and seeing to the safety and well being of our participants.  It's not only a source of daily contact for many of these seniors, it is a way to ensure our participants are okay physically.   

This program enables those who have registered to call in by phone seven (7) mornings a week from the time they wake until 10:00am to say "Good Morning". In the event the Police Department does not receive a call by 10:00 am we can send an officer out to check on them.  

If you are interested in the Good Morning Program, please contact 

Janis Marshall-Colby
Senior Center
36 Main Street
York, Maine  03909

Or you may contact the Police Department (207) 363-1031 and ask to speak to Officer John Lizanecz

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