The Korean War monument

 Michael A. Dow 

The Korean War monument was dedicated on July 4, 1998 and sits just to the right of the front entrance of the Town Hall. Kathy and Greg Gray of Union Marble and Granite in Union, New Hampshire designed the $3,200 monument.  

According to a Portsmouth Herald newspaper report on July 13, 1998: (American Legion) “Post members Bill Layman, Steve O’Brien, Pete Peterson and Bainbridge Parsons were responsible for making the memorial a reality.”

The York Weekly said in an article dated November 7, 1990: “Thanks to the independent efforts of Old York Historic Society librarian Virginia Spiller and resident Bainbridge Parsons, the two have been working on a list to determine how many York residents served in the Korean conflict.”   

Research has blissfully failed to uncover any York resident as having been killed in action or as having been made a prisoner of war in this conflict.